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Beauchique is an advocate of the best products around, such as Fake Bake
   * Voted No1 spray tanning agent by Professional Beauty Awards *
   * Voted the best self tanner in The New York Times *
and safe to use during pregnancy.

Fake Bake is the UK’s leading salon professional self tan and spray tan brand.

Contains 37% more tanning ingredient than any other self tan and guarantees
a smooth,even golden tan that will last for approximately 1 week. FakeBake gives an instant
sun-kissed colour and develops into a long lasting sunless fake tan by combining naturally derived
tanning agents DHA and Erythulose which guarantees longer lasting (up to 50% longer), more
natural-looking results.

FakeBake have developed botanical ingredients to remove parabens and artificial preservatives.

Benefits of having a FakeBake spray tan;

having a tan disguises a multitude of body sins including cellulite, stretch marks,
bruises, scars and
winter skin
*Instant and extremely natural tones so suit every individual
*Quicker, easier, cheaper and
most importantly SAFER than sunbathing
or using sunbeds that age your skin

To get the maximum from your tan follow these three simple steps;

1 Remove any unwanted hair and exfoliate your whole body and face thoroughly 24 hours before
2 Make sure your skin is free of any products including perfume, deodorant and moisturise
3 The days following the tan make sure you moisturise your skin preferably with an oil free moisturiser
as this will help pro-long the life of your tan

We recommend that you leave the product on overnight to allow the colour to fully develop for best results,
please bear this in mind when booking your appointment.


Why is the product so brown...?
  Fake bake contains two main ingredients. The first one is the unique tanning agent and the second is a colour
guide to aid application that gives an "instant" tan. When you wash the colour guide off only your Fake Bake sunless
tan will remain.

Will it stain my clothing?
  No…since the organic colour pigment is not a stain or dye it will wash out.

Does it wash off?
  No…once developed on the skin it will simply fade just like a natural tan.

Can I use it in the sun?
  When used in the sun, Fake Bake actually accelerates the tanning process by stimulating the Melanin in the skin.

FakeBake oil free moisturiser and all other FakeBake products are available to order at competitive prices.


Full Body spray tan .............£18 each.

Group discounts available.

3 people...............................£17 each,
4 people...............................£16 each,
5 people...............................£15 each.



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