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Beauchique - Nouveau Eyelash Extensions

Nouveau Eyelashes-The choice of Harrods and Harvey Nicholls salon Urban Retreat and Beauchique

Here at Beauchique , after conclusive research, use Nouveau Eyelash Extensions as they are a leading pioneer within
 the eyelash extension business. They can last up to 6 weeks, and have a wondrous effect, opening
 up even the smallest of eyes and can transform your face-with eyes appearing more open with gorgeous thick lashes

 Nouveau lashes are available in several types of volume and length. The result is a natural extension to the lashes that will
 last the full length of the natural lash cycle.

The application of Nouveau eyelashes is a very specific technique, isolating one lash at a time, and working
individually on each row of lashes, which ensures a very natural looking extension, whilst also making them the most
comfortable and softest lashes on the market. Nouveau Eyelashes are made of the highest quality, no other lash brand compares.

Due to the intricate process of applying eyelash extensions please allow 90 minutes.

Express Lashes are Nouveau Lashes unique idea of providing a temporary quicker alternative to semi-permanent lashes.
The same lashes and adhesive are used but the lashes are applied in a different way which is ideal for people who are in a hurry or
just want to have luscious lashes for a night out or a holiday.  They last for around 2 - 3 weeks and should not be infilled, they
should be professionally removed to ensure that there is no damage to your own lashes.

Please note: Please be aware of any semi permanent eyelash extensions that are applied in less than an hour.  These
are most likely to be express lashes and should not be infilled, as this will cause damage to your own lashes.  Also
 the express lashes Beauchique
offer are not cluster lashes.                                       


 Nouveau Eyelash Extensions                                                £60

 Infill and Rebalance (less than 2 weeks)                 40 mins £25

 Infill and Rebalance (3 weeks)                                50 mins £30

 Infill and rebalance (within 4-5 weeks)                      1hour £35

 Nouveau Express Lashes                                                      £25 (45 mins, last 1-2 weeks)


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