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Beauchique - facial

Never underestimate the impact a facial or massage can have on your inner and outer beauty!
Relaxed people are beautiful people

Benefits of having a facial;

*Stimulates skin cells bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin leaving skin looking ‘plumped up’ glowing and feeling smooth
*After the age of 25, skin cell renewal starts to slow down, however having regular facials helps speed up the skin renewal process helping us to stay looking younger for longer
*Exfoliates skin, removing dead skin cells that clog pores which makes the skin feel rough and look dull
*The heat treatments used open up pores drawing out all the dirt and impurities that day to day washing cant reach

What to expect from your treatment;

*Skin Cleanse- face, neck & decollete will be cleansed to remove any make-up and dirt
*Skin Analysis- to determine what skin type the client has to choose the suitable products
*Deep Cleanse- a deep cleanse to thoroughly remove any dirt & grease
*Exfoliate- skin will be exfoliated to remove any dead skin cells and smooth the skin
*Heat Treatment- (hot towel/steamer) used to open pores and draw out any impurities from within
*Massage- Face, Neck and shoulder massage is carried out to relax client and work tense shoulder muscles. Massage also tones and brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin
*Mask- A suitable mask is applied to the skin to add nutrients, vitamins and goodness
*Moisturiser-Elemis; award winning Pro-Collagen moisturiser is then applied to the skin


Elemis Facial     £30   


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